At KYSO Creative, we strive to develop cutting edge trailers for the indie filmmakers that create attention, interest and desire by the viewer.

Our goal is to create trailers that establish an emotional connection with the audience without confusing them or revealing too much of the plot– a trailer is most effective when it leaves the viewer wanting to know more.

We know that a trailer is the primary awareness driver for a film and sets the stage for the emotional connection with the audience.  A trailer that provides too much of the story or creates confusion deters people from wanting to view the film.

Allowing a third party to produce a trailer ensures that complacency is removed and an unbiased view is creating the most effective promotional tool for your film.


Katrina Bolletta – Owner/Editor 

kb-photoWith a passion for story telling and Canadian cinema Katrina decided to start this company when she returned to Canada after working for a trailer company in Los Angeles. She is a creative thinker, artist, dancer and musician, with the drive to help the Canadian filmmakers share their work with the world.  With over 10 years of industry experience in feature films, short films, reality TV, documentaries, animation and promotional content she has garnered praise and awards from the Short Film Corner in Cannes as well as Nominations for Golden Trailer Awards.